EMHS rock band Nitrogen Narcosis tours and performs

Eden Marine High School rock band Nitrogen Narcosis has performed in a statewide band competition, called Youth Rock.

The band, consisting of students Taylor Hewitson, Patrick Rizzetti, Danel Martin, Sam Vandermey and Shania Aldridge, travelled to the Sutherland Entertainment Centre to compete with forty other bands in an event that has attracted over 700 schools. Check out some of the highlights from their trip.

Shania Aldridge joins the rest of the band as they head on their way.

The band, staying at their accommodation in Bundeena, are getting ready for their big night. It’s also Shania’s birthday.

Shania and Taylor have just finished their performance.

Shania talks about her time at Youth Rock and what she liked best about it. Her most memorable moment was when the whole crowd sang happy birthday to her.

Contributed by Sue Norman published in 2015.