Material culture

The Elders of the local Koori community have a wealth of knowledge about the day-to-day culture of living on the far south coast of New South Wales.

The coast provided a refuge from the advances of the European settlement of land and resources, and the community has continued to live from the land and sea in this region.

Shell work shoes

The Yuin Monaro people maintained their connection through the seasonal journey between the coast and mountains. This route, known as the Bundian Way, travels through rich yam fields – a source of food for the journey.

Below is a Nulla Nulla and Boomerang made by Ossie Cruse and donated to Eden Marine High School for their Three Rs project (pictured left) and yam flower (pictured right).
The below paintings by artist Joe Stewart show the whale and bogong moth festivals that the Yuin Monaro people travelled between on the Bundian Way. They are exhibited in the culture centre at Jigamy as part of a display showing a collection of stone tools and weapons found along the track.

Contributed by Sue Norman published in 2015.